The History of African Development

An online textbook for a new generation of African students and teachers, produced by the African Economic History Network (AEHN).

The AEHN Textbook project aims to draw experts in the field of African History and African Development Studies together around an open access textbook. The textbook is primarily intended for teachers and undergraduate students, in Africa and elsewhere, but also for an interested wider public audience. AEHN is reaching out to all African and non-African scholars willing to contribute a concise chapter (ca. 5000 words). The chapters describe and explain various aspects of historical African development trajectories in plain English language to those with limited background reading. All chapters include a list of suggested readings and a number of study questions to test student’s comprehension. By offering this material in an open source environment the AEHN seeks to facilitate a wider diffusion of the knowledge that is generated within our academic network and support capacity building among a new generation of African historians and development practitioners.

If you are willing to offer a contribution, please contact one of the editors:
Ewout Frankema, [email protected]; Ellen Hilbom, [email protected]; Felix Meier zu Selhausen, [email protected]