The History of African Development

An online textbook for a new generation of African students and teachers, produced by the African Economic History Network (AEHN)

The History of African Development – AEHN’s Textbook project – aims to draw experts in the field of African History and African Development Studies together around an open access textbook. The textbook is primarily intended for teachers/lecturers and undergraduate students, in Africa and elsewhere, but also for an interested wider public audience. The AEHN is reaching out to all African and non-African scholars willing to contribute a concise chapter (c. 5,000 words). The chapters describe and explain various aspects of historical African development trajectories in plain English language to those with limited background reading. All chapters include a list of suggested readings and a number of study questions to test student’s comprehension. By offering, this material in an open-source environment the AEHN seeks to facilitate a wider diffusion of the knowledge that is generated within our academic network and support capacity building among a new generation of African historians and development practitioners.

If you are willing to offer a contribution, please contact one of the editors:
Ewout Frankema ([email protected]); Ellen Hilbom ([email protected]); Felix Meier zu Selhausen ([email protected]).

Citation: Frankema, E., Hillbom, E., Kufakurinani, U. and Meier zu Selhausen, F. eds. (2018). The History of African Development. An Online Textbook for a New Generation of African Students and Teachers. African Economic History Network.