Africa-Asia Occupational Wage Database, 1870-2010

The Africa-Asia Occupational Wage Database (AAOWD) aims to deepen research on African and Asian economic history. The database provides long-term wage series of indigenous male urban workers in six occupations: labourers, carpenters, electricians, car mechanics, entry-level clerks and bank tellers. The wage series are available for 34 African countries and 16 Asian countries and can be used to construct and compare skill-premiums for the period 1870-2010. An extensive description of the sources, key features, and consistency of the data is provided in the appendix of the paper: Frankema, E., & Van Waijenburg, M. (2019). The Great Convergence. Skill Accumulation and Mass Education in Africa and Asia, 1870-2010. CEPR Discussion Paper No. 14150. Please cite this paper if you use (parts of) the AAOWD.

DATA: Africa-Asia Occupational Wage Database – AAOWD v1.0


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