Hans Heese received his school education at Uniondale High School, studied at Stellenbosch University 1962-1966 (BA and Senior Teaching Diploma) and taught at various schools in Malawi, Northern Cape, Namibia and Cape Town. He received his Master’s Degree in History at UCT (1974) and attained his PhD-degree at UCT in 1976 for his thesis Afrikaners in Angola, 1880-1928. He joined the newly-found Institute for Historical Research at the University of the Western Cape in 1976 as a researcher. In 1985 he published his research on racial integration in early Cape society under the title Groep sonder Grense, later translated and published under the title Cape Melting Pot. A study on crime and justice during the 18th century, Reg en Onreg, followed in 1994. His latest publication, Amsterdam tot Zeeland. Slawestand tot Middestand? deals with slavery in Stellenbosch district.

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